Sam on the Lokomat at Kessler.  February 28, 2020
Sam doing crunches at PT at Kessler Rehab January 23, 2020
Moving all of his toes - 11-4-19
10-31-19 - Sam moving his big toe for the first time
2 months to the day of his injury Sam moves his little toe
Spetember 15 - Moving fingers for the first time
Shout Outs to Sam from his St. Rose High School Friends
St. Rose JV and Varsity Girls Volleyball dedicated their last home game to Sam. They also hosted a bake sale that raised over $200. Girls very very glad to send their shoutouts to Sam! Stay strong! #SAMvincible #SAMfans
St. Rose High School Newspaper
Sothside Johnny Shoutout to Sam
March 10, 2020 - Kessler Rehab


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